IMG_0422My name is Lindsey Zimmerman and I am a Berks Teens Matter Ambassador! I joined the organization because it has such an amazing goal and they are willing to listen to the teens. Our goal is to reduce teen pregnancy in Berks county for the overall welfare of the community. We are trying to get the word out to everyone, especially parents, so they will talk to their teens about safe sex. My job as an ambassador is to talk to the leaders and help them to better find and communicate with the teens. I’m really excited to continue on with this journey!

I became an Ambassador to help teens by giving them someone their own age to talk to. Too often organizations such as this come off as adults telling teens what to do but by having other teens on the committee I am hoping that they are willing to listen to our message and understand that we are here to help them and not control them. This cause is especially close to my heart because too often women with great potential that could do something with their lives become pregnant too young. These young women often do not finish high school and almost never make it to college. I hope to gain a better understanding of the parents point of view from this experience. I understand what is happening from a teen’s point of view but would love to have some of the parents insight.

Lindsey Zimmerman, Schuylkill Valley High School
Berks Teens Matter Ambassador
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