Welcome to the blog! We’re glad you found us and are excited to share with you insights, advice, and thoughts from all of the people who have come together with a single mission: to reduce teen pregnancy in Berks County by 40% by the year 2022.  Why 40%? Because that number will put us on an even playing field with the rest of the country.  The numbers speak for themselves and every year, the cost of teen births puts an enormous strain on tax payers.  That fact coupled with the low odds of teen mom going to college, and we’ve got ourselves a serious problem.

Teen pregnancy effects everyone.  It happens in the city, and it happens in the suburbs.  It happens to poverty-stricken children and it happens to upper class kids.  Teens in Berks County deserve better.  They deserve to know we care about them.  They deserve education. They deserve options.

We hope you’ll come back to read our blog.  We’ll have guest authors almost all of the time, many of them the teens who joined our Youth Ambassador team.  They’ll tell you what they need from you, the pressures they face, and what they want for their future.  We’ll talk with the clinicians in the county who serve teens and we’ll talk with parents who worry if they are doing enough for their kids.  We’ll be launching a podcast in July, so if you aren’t much of a reader, you’ll can subscribe and listen to stories that parallel our posts.

If you would like to guest author a post for our blog, email Beth.  If you have questions about Berks Teens Matter, email Jen.


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