COCAHi! My name is Alicia Kline. I am a Prevention Specialist with the Council On Chemical Abuse (COCA) and a member of the BTM collective impact group. I see myself as an educator. I provide my community; parents, children, families, and community members with knowledge regarding the use and addiction of drugs and alcohol. Prevention, whether it is in the field of drug and alcohol or teen pregnancy, share an important goal: to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to make decisions that enhance their quality of life. Prevention strengthens self-esteem and self-worth. Prevention teaches assertiveness with respect and dignity. I am honored to help my community not only become better, but stronger.

I am a native of the Northwest section of Reading. I love this city and I love Berks County! For the last 16 years I have tried to do my part to help my community. First, as a caseworker with Berks County Children and Youth and now with the COCA.  I’m passionate about BTM and my work with COCA because I want to play a part in the successes the teens of Berks County achieve.    In addition, I believe we can offer a great deal of help and support to older teens, 17 -19 years old who are no longer reachable through the school systems. We can’t forget their importance!

BTM has grown from a small committee to a large community group. I’m proud to be a part of its growth and look forward to my continued work not only with the impact group, but with the parents and teens of Berks County.

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