4463749Along with the first day of school and getting your driver’s license, talking about sex with your parents, commonly known as “the birds and the bees”, is a staple of the typical growing-up experience. And no, there’s no way of escaping it: it’s awkward. Most adolescents have good relationships with their parents. Good relationships, however, do nothing to bridge the generational gap that exists between parents and kids, not to mention the sheer awkwardness of discussing such an intimate topic (sex) with those who have raised you.
Being able to have healthy dialogue with your parents about sex though has extensive benefits. It adds another valuable, albeit weird, layer to the trust in the parent-child relationship. More importantly, it helps to prevent many situations far stickier than a mere discussion with one’s parents, such as an unexpected teen pregnancy or an STD.
Thus, it is important that parents and children are able to discuss sex, even if the price is the occasional cringe.
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