Two of our Youth Ambassadors contributed to our client outcome stories for this year’s application. We gave them basic instructions, “How has participation as a YA impacted your life?, Why is BTM necessary in Reading,? What have you gained from your involvement in BTM? etc.”

Here’s one of the responses…

Meralis, BTM Youth Ambassador, Senior, 17 years old:

As I look back on my memories, when I first found out about Berks Teens Matter I was utterly shocked. The reason being that there is an organization not only reaching out to Reading teens, but trying to make a change within the community. So, as a teen that has spent most of her life in Reading, I could not miss the opportunity to be a part of something innovating in my city. It is quite incredible to slowly get rid of the stigma of teen pregnancy and sexual awareness that has overtaken our society.

Throughout the process of breaking this stigma, I had the pleasure to not only learn new things, but to share my knowledge with pre-teens at the OBGC. It was important for us to teach the younger generation of relationships, sexual orientation, sexual identity, and more. Just as important as us now preparing to teach the older teens at OBGC. Slowly but surely we will achieve our goal of reducing teen pregnancy in Berks County by 40% in 2022. Not only do we educate and raise awareness, but we serve as an outlet for those who are in need of help.

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