YA Mulberry St.

11/16/17, 4:00PM-5:00PM

722 Mulberry St.

Reading, PA


Berks Teens Matter educates and trains high school students to be part of our mission to reduce teen pregnancy. These students become part of our Youth Ambassador program. One aspect of being a YA is to provide peer education to Olivet Boys and Girls club youth.

With the help of our YA coordinator, the high school students help run a weekly program at the boys and girls club that takes place throughout the year.

Working with kids ranging in ages 8-17, the YAs work one-on-one and in groups, discussing issues like healthy relationships, conflict resolution, anatomy, sexual health and reproduction. Through games, activities and tailored curriculum, OBGC students are given the opportunity to participate. They are also encouraged to submit a question via an anonymous question box at the end of each session.

The following notes are a summary of these weekly sessions.

  • Attendees
    • Alexandra Banks – Youth Ambassador Coordinator
    • Noriana – Youth Ambassador
    • Onelia – Youth Ambassador
    • Lidia – Youth Ambassador
    • Janeice – Youth Ambassador
    • Jesus – Youth Ambassador
    • Janeth – Youth Ambassador
  • This week we cleared the room of tables and chairs before the youth entered. We immediately asked the youth to sit on the floor to get their attention.
  • Ice breaker – Silent Soccer (10 mins max)
    • Have all students stand in a circle and spread out. Explain the rule of the game. You will need one medium size ball. The leader counts down “3, 2, 1, silent” and passes the pall to another person in the play area. A player must sit down if: S/he drops the ball. S/he makes a bad pass. They talk or make noise. Play continues until only one person remains. Last player standing get to be first to throw the ball in the next round. If game is progressing slowly, add a challenge by limiting time to throw, having all players take spread out, asking everyone to keep one hand behind their back at all times and so on.
  • Question Box Answers: first asked youth how they would answer the question and then made suggestions if necessary.
    • In the USA, can you adopt a person if you are homosexual?
      • Answers included
        • Yes!
      • Suggestions included
        • Yes! Just because a person is romantically and sexually attracted to the same gender as them, does not mean they would be a bad parent.
      • How could people be gay?
        • Answers included
          • It’s just the way someone’s mind works and what they decide.
        • Suggestions included
          • Sometimes people feel that they were born liking the same gender as them and other people feel like it changes as they get older. Both of these are okay.
        • What if a gay likes a boy and the boy hits him and has sex? What if he’s sleeping or unconscious?
          • Answers included
            • That’s rape
          • Suggestions included
            • As we talked about a couple of weeks ago, this is called rape. If the person is an adult, then it is also child abuse.
          • “Peer Education – “I Am Who I Am” (see attached to curriculum)
            • Explained that at the end of our last lesson, we brought up sexual orientation. Ask for volunteers to say what sexual orientation is and some different types they learned about last week.
            • Today we are going to be talking about sexual orientation and gender identity. Please be respectful of others and remember this is a safe place!
              • YAs split this lesson amongst themselves
              • Noriana introduced this lesson.
              • Distributed paper as a group as Lidia explained step 2.
              • Alex moved through “Understanding Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation” PowerPoint for Step 3.
              • Did step 4 “Myth vs. Fact” activity together as a group. The youth were unable to concentrate and were asked to sit down instead of using an activity to facilitate this portion.
              • Go through video clip for homework and ask youth their opinions.
            • On Way Out
            • 3 things we learned today
              • “I learned that it’s not okay to call someone a faggot just because they are gay.”
              • “I learned that gender identity is what gender someone feels that they are and it could be different than what their body parts say they are.”
              • “I learned today not to make fun of people that are gay.”
            • Question Box Results
              • “Why do people bully each other?”
              • “I want to know if you can like someone in your family like a boyfriend or a girlfriend way?”
              • “What if you have a girlfriend but you feel for someone the same gender as you?”
            • See you next time, 11/30 at 4:00PM
              • Lesson – “Creating A Safe School: Celebrating All”
              • HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
            • Tools used
              • Have youth raise hand to speak in order to discourage distraction and side conversations
              • Emphasis on allowing the youth to come up with their own answers and giving everybody a chance to speak
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