YA Mulberry St.

9/13/18, 4:30PM-6:30PM

722 Mulberry St.

Reading, PA



Berks Teens Matter educates and trains high school students to be part of our mission to reduce teen pregnancy. These students become part of our Youth Ambassador program. One aspect of being a YA is to provide peer education to Olivet Boys and Girls club youth.

With the help of our YA coordinator, the high school students help run a weekly program at the boys and girls club that takes place throughout the year.

Working with kids ranging in ages 8-17, the YAs work one-on-one and in groups, discussing issues like healthy relationships, conflict resolution, anatomy, sexual health and reproduction. Through games, activities and tailored curriculum, OBGC students are given the opportunity to participate. They are also encouraged to submit a question via an anonymous question box at the end of each session.

The following notes are a summary of these weekly sessions.

  • Attendees
    • Alexandra Banks – Youth Ambassador Coordinator
    • Karla – Youth Ambassador
    • Rashely – Youth Ambassador
    • Lizbeth – Youth Ambassador
  • We made sure to clear the room of any tables and chairs before youth entered. We then ask the youth to sit in the middle of the room on the floor before beginning the lesson. During this session, one of the OBGC staff was present in the room the entire time with us.
  • Ice breaker – Beach Ball (10 mins max)
    • We will toss a beach ball with questions on it to someone in the room. Once someone catches the ball they must say their name and answer the question that is under their right thumb.
    • Youth enjoyed this as they all got a chance to introduce themselves and answer a unique question. Some of the questions included “What is one fun thing you go to do this summer?”, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, and “Who is one person that you trust more than anyone else?” This icebreaker was great for the 10-12 year old group and reminded them to be quiet as others speak.

  • Peer Education
    • Lesson 1: My Relationships
      • Ground Rules (on newsprint) – see results attached
      • Follow Lesson 1, facilitated by YAs – curriculum attached
        • Karla and Lizbeth primarily gave this lesson along with Alex’s assistance as needed. Rashely did not feel comfortable speaking during this lesson but helped facilitate small groups when appropriate. Alex spoke to the youth more than usual during this lesson as it was the YAs first time providing peer education.
        • Youth provided a list of those who are important to them – see results attached
      • On Way Out
        • Ask each OBGC youth to give one word or short statement on how they feel after today’s lesson or something they learned. Three youth respond and receive a prize for sharing.
          • “I learned about relationships and that I am closest to people I love like my Mom.”
          • “I learned the reasons I care about the people I love, like that my parents care about me and calm me down when I had a bad day no matter what.”
          • “I learned that people like your friends and family are close to you because of the way you care about them and I learned of some qualities that matter most to me in my relationships like trust and love.”
        • Question Box Results – Ticket Out the Door
          • Why do people have to be rude and disrespectful and bully?
          • Do you believe in love?
          • When will you stop coming?
          • What happens when you die?
          • Why are people disrespectful?
          • Why do people bully?
        • See you next week, 9/20 @ 5:00PM
          • Lesson 2 – Why Fairness Matters
        • Tools used
          • Have youth raise hand to speak in order to discourage distraction and side conversations
          • When side conversations and interrupting break out, bring youth back to attention.
          • Emphasis on allowing the youth to come up with their own answers and giving everybody a chance to speak
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