Top Tips For Safe Sex During COVID-19

  1. Social Distancing: COVID can be transmitted through secretions of the mouth, such as saliva and mucus.  Therefore, it is important to limit new and/or multiple sexual partners.  COVID can also be transmitted through fecal matter.
  2. Take this time to explore and discover what makes you sexually satisfied. Remember to wash your hands before and after any sexual activity or intimacy.  Also wash and sanitize any toys used during intimacy.
  3. If you are dating someone or others that don’t reside with you, consider phone/video dating or sending personal letters.
  4. Thinking about meeting new people? Consider online dating.

Let’s be honest, these are not some of our sexiest times!….

Many of us are experiencing this “new normal” and adapting to changes.  Changes with our hygiene, changes with our clothing selections and styles, and changes in our intimacy.

During these changes, it is important that we focus on our physical and mental health, as well as our sexual health.  There is a possibility that COVID-19 can spread during sexual contact.  If you’re close enough to have sex, you’re close enough to be exposed to the novel coronavirus.  Social distancing standards have been put in place that require we maintain a six-foot distance.  If you are intimate with someone, the virus can be spread through saliva and mucus.  There is still much to learned about COVID and sex but, we have learned that COVID-19 can be found in the feces of those that are infected.  The coronavirus, however, has not be detected in semen or vaginal fluids.

Consider having sex only with those that are closest to you.  The person closest to you and the safest person sex partner is YOU!  With all the reminders about 20-second hand washing, it can be impossible to forget!  Continue the hand-washing practice before and after sexual contact.  This also includes washing and sanitizing sex toys before and after contact.  The next safest person to have sex with is a partner(s) you reside with.  Close contact with fewer people helps to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  If you or your partner are sick, however, it would be a good idea to skip sex until you are feeling better.  Furthermore, avoid having sex (or being close and intimate) if you or your partner(s) have a medical condition and they are at higher risk of getting the coronavirus.

It is especially hard to limit social and human contact during this quarantine.  Kissing can spread the virus which is why it is important that you limit kissing to only close contacts.  Since COVID-19 has been detected in fecal matter, rimming might spread COVID as the virus found in the fecal matter can enter the mouth.  The use of condoms, dental dams, and finger condoms are especially important to reduce the spread of the virus through saliva and feces.  Continue to use these as safe practices during oral and anal sex as well.

Doctor Rachel Levine offers her daily reminder, “Wash your hands for 20 seconds, the time it takes for you to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice”.  This is equally important if you are engaging in sexual contact.  Wash your hands and toys before and after each contact.  If you are sharing your computer, tablet, or phone with someone, please be sure to clean the device after each use.

While many organizations and businesses have closed their operations, there are still some services and resources available to you in our community.  Planned Parenthood Keystone continues to offer family planning services such as birth control and emergency contraceptive through telehealth.  In addition to Planned Parenthood, Berks Teens Matter is also offering a private virtual Health Resource Center for Berks County youth ages 13-19.  We can answer questions that young people have about anything related to adolescent sexual health- such as relationships, consent, birth control options, menstruation, and community resources.  Co-County Wellness Services (CCWS) provides free condoms, dental dams, and lubrication at their office located at 429 Walnut Street in the city of Reading.

Take this time during quarantine to practice self-love and explore your creativity.  Allow yourself to identify your needs and desires.

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