by Heather Ulrich, Berks Teens

Learn about condom varieties and choosing the right condoms

Where to Begin When Choosing Condoms?

Condoms. Rubber, latex, lambskin, lubricated, textured… I could go on but you get the idea. The barrier method used for penetrative sex has recently taken on a new level of novelty. Options for condoms used to be limited. Picture walking into a convenience store in the 1990’s and just hoping the condom you were buying wasn’t yet expired. Fast-forward to the condoms of today. There is a huge market and variety of condoms that continues to expand at a feverish pace.

But why all of the variation in condoms? Well, simply put, to address all the variations of individual needs, of course! We have the more traditional variations that most of us think of; latex, non-latex, lambskin, magnum, etc. Then there are the more exotic condom choices like flavored, warming, ribbed, glow in the dark, custom sized, all-natural, to name a few. So, let’s take a deep dive and break down what these variations actually mean. Because the increase all these varieties of the barrier methods should not be a barrier to you using them!

Types of Condoms

  • Flavored– A great option for safe oral sex because YES, you can get STIs (sexually transmitted infections) from oral sex. But it’s important to note that unless your flavored condoms are sugar free, they should not be used for vaginal intercourse as it can disrupt the pH. Yikes!
  • Warming– These condoms are lubricated with a special warming lubricant that can heat things up, literally.
  • Ribbed– This is a condom that has added texture for a different sensation
  • GlowIn-The-Dark – This pretty much explains itself
  • Custom Sized– A favorite condom of ours by ONE offers customized condoms for the perfect fit tailored for your unique needs. You can check them out here:
  • All-Natural– A recent trend in condoms, they aim to keep the level of chemicals and additives to a minimum. Remember that latex condoms cannot be considered organic because they are made of latex rubber, but there that are more sustainable. GLYDE condoms free of animal byproducts. (We also heart GLYDE from Berks Teens because they don’t use child labor and pays fair wages.)

Getting Condoms

There is no shortage of options when looking for the perfect condom. Berks Teens happily offers FREE condoms in different varieties. We can help you pick the option that is best suited for your needs! Visit us at 429 Walnut Street (during normal business hours) for free condoms or if you have any questions about condoms.

Why Wear a Condom?

Berks Teens is committed to reducing unplanned teen pregnancies and the spread of STIs in Berks County. Research shows one of the best ways to do this (besides abstinence, of course) is to wear a condom. Wearing a condom is one of the most responsible things that you can do for your and your partner’s sexual health. So find a condom that works for you and make sure to glove up!

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