October is “Let’s Talk” month, a national campaign encouraging Parents to talk to their kids about sexual health and sexuality.

Talking to kids about sex is more than just a one-time conversation – it’s an on-going dialogue you have throughout a child’s life.
Need help? There are many resources available for parents on our website to help encourage these conversations.

We have a whole library of videos to help spark the conversation with you and your teen, including our “Let’s Talk” videos, where members of our community share their own experiences talking about sex.


Let’s Talk!

Let’s Talk With Coach Harris

Topics throughout this video include Coach Harris explaining how she discussed sex with her own children, why it can be difficult for parents to talk to their kids about sex, when parents should start having the conversation, and how she first learned about sex.

Let’s Talk with Coach Perez

Topics discussed throughout this video include Rick Perez discussing when he first had “the talk,” how he plans to talk to his own kids about sex, how we can address the high teen birth rate issue in Reading, and a myth that he believed to be true about sex when he was younger.

Let’s Talk With Sergeant Luz

Topics discussed throughout this video include Sergeant Shade explaining how she first learned about sex, the healthy relationship she has with her son regarding being able to discuss sex, common misconceptions about sex, and what we can do to help reduce the high teen birth rate in Reading.

Hablemos Con Ana Villaman

En ese video Ana Villaman se habla en que la comunidad puede hacer ayudar con la alta incidencia de embarazo en adolescentes, cuando es un buen edad para empezar a tener conversaciones sobre el sexo, como hablar a los hijos del tema, y mas.

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