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You have questions about your body, sex, and relationships.  We have answers.

The National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

The best time to think about how you will handle a tough situation is before it happens.  Take this fun and interactive quiz to see how you’d react to a variety of challenging situations.

Sex Q & A

Find all the answers to your questions about sex, your body, relationships and STD’s.

Sex Ed

All the information you WISH your health teacher would talk about in class.

Plan Your Future

Let’s talk about your future! We’ll help you make a plan and discover the steps to make it happen.

Watch a Video

Tons of videos by teens, about teens, for teens.


Queer kids can also get pregnant, contract an STI, or feel pressure to have sex.

Get Birth Control

Condoms and pills and IUD’s, oh my! Find out which method of birth control is right for you.


of teens have never thought what their life would be like if they got pregnant or caused a pregnancy


of teens plan on getting married


of teens feel sexual pressure


teens aged 13-17 believe that boys are expected to have sex

Survey information provided by The National Campaign by Social Science Research Solutions, an independent research company. More survey information can be found at

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